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Jon K.Lloyd


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Jon K.Lloyd
About Me: 
For as long as I can eyes have been drawn to all the beauty that surrounds us...and my heart has felt all the kindness that fills us. My mind has spent countless hours trying to find ways to express the inspiration and emotion I've found in all the people I've met...and all the things I've seen. I believe that Hope and Love are some of the immeasurable gifts that Life offers all of us...and I only wish to share what I can give. I wish you peace and grace in all your life. I'm also a singer/songwriter and have some thoughts to share. If you're can see my site at...!/pages/JK-Lloyd-and-the-One-Man-Band/117800945003419?sk=app_129982580378550 Just copy and paste in the URL box at the top and click enter. It will take you directly to my site on facebook. Fan Page address:!/JonKLloyd42
Idaho Falls
guitar, gardening, cooking, fishing, mountain climbing
Favorite Bands: 
Iron & Wine, Dawes, Anything with acoustic guitars.
United States
Jonny K Lloyd
Favorite Concert You've Been To: 
Rush Roll the Bones
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Idaho falls, Idaho


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As a singer/songwriter; I am doubly blessed to have discovered Iron & Wine. Thank you Sam Beam for the wonderful sounds and words.-Jon K Lloyd