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Quietly excentric and totally bonkers :-D Remeber F.R.I.E.N.D's? Good. You should do! Pheobe, Racheal, Monica all rolled into one with maybe a bit of Squidwards dry but lovely sense of humour... (google it if I'm not making any sense :P). Anyway I've had my ramble, if you want to know me, the ins and outs, in a nut shell, well then by all means get your nut cracker at the ready. I'm all wholesomey goodness. What? It's almost 2am right now, yes I need my sleep, but just discovered this amazing band on 4AD. I now have to say I am a huge fan after just knowing they existed for about hmmm alomost 2 hours? Iron and Wine are so different, origional and creative not just in their songs and lyrics but in their personalitys too. <3 you guys! Tour England! x
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Friendship/love is sharing a laugh or two;
Friendship/love is leaning on each other
Friendship/love is taking the time to encourage
There's a miracle called "Friendship/love." Oh what a miracle it is
in just keeping' it real. The "Friendship/love" dwells way, way down deep in the heart and soul of a person or individuals.
You don't know how this "Friendship" happens, it just happens so soulfully... It is a light from the "Friendship/love" that provides sunlight to the soul whenever it happens. But you know and recognize the gift from above.I saw your contact/profile from this site and seek for your good and honest friendship.
My name is Bless pretty hope to tell you more about myself and send you my picture as soon as I hear from you,with this email(

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"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light."