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We Want to Hear from You!

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    We Want to Hear from You!
    says (2010-12-10 13:50)

    Hello Iron and Wine Fans!

    We created this new category to hear what you think about the site. Are you guys enjoying it?  What about the music page, and being able to upload content? Are there features you would like us to add? Your feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated. Comment here or shoot us an e-mail at

    All The Best, The Iron and Wine WebCrew

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on (Dec 10, 2010)

Hello Iron and Wine Fans!

We created this new category to hear what you think about the site. Are you guys enjoying it?  What about the music page, and being able to upload content? Are there features you would like us to add? Your feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated. Comment here or shoot us an e-mail at

All The Best, The Iron and Wine WebCrew

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spiderssnakes's picture

This site is a comeback for me. I have been away a bit and am glad to be back here:)

Elsaabador's picture

Please record watch and chain... and come to NYC or PA... thats all.. and keep playing...

jwinhold's picture

I 2nd MPCERVANTES - I would like some lyrics/tabs. That would be pretty cool. Also, setlists! That is always a big thing to have to search for when you go to shows or want to see if a song is played, etc.

Kathryn's picture

The best music ever. The soundtrack to my life.
Please come back to Wales or West of England soon.
We saw you in Cardiff at The Point several years ago (fab), but for your last tour we had to drive to Liverpool, which was well worth it but a long drive!

george.patrin's picture

Your music has touched my heart and Spirit. Thank you for Such Great Heights. I'd like to have you sing for one of our events down the line. Dr. Patrin 210-833-9152

mpcervantes's picture

How about lyrics and/or tabs? Lessons from Sam Beam himself? I always loved how Mr. Beam includes lyrics with his liner notes, but let's be honest... things are digital now, and little scraps of paper get lost. I know that there's copyright stuff to be concerned about, but I truly believe Sam is contributing to folk history... one day his songs, particularly those off Cradle and Sea, and probably Endless, will become American folk standards.

MauriceAgogo's picture

Any chance of re-releasing the Fall 2007 demos from the shepherds dog I've heard the amazing

indylisa's picture

I just received an email that someone posted a comment to my profile. I never opened this account - have never been to this site before and now can't find instructions to close this mystery account. I have no idea WTH is going on. Thx ~

muddyhymnal's picture

If you guys have the setlists from the last tour (particularly Montreal), could you please post them? Thanks!

theDr's picture

Great show in Montreal- I thought the arrangements and sound mix were brilliant. I have never seen a room like that so quiet during songs- the crowd was transfixed. My only issue- why such a short show? I think Marketa played for just over 20 minutes, then the I & W show was 1 hr 10 mins, encore included. Why not a longer encore- the crowd was eating it up!

MauriceAgogo's picture

Please come and play an acoustic set at the Liverpool Empire

Clement's picture

Man, please...come to SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL...Latin América is awesome and i really love your songs...Thank you

Sarah Gathergood's picture

I'd love to see a poster in the store!!!

badreportcard's picture

Thank you for making my soul feel happy :) I

Jesse L.'s picture

This album has been one of my best friends all year. Thanks.

Matti Tegelman's picture

Never too late to thank you for your show at the Flow festival in Helsinki, Finland. I came to the festival by coincidence without any prior knowledge of you. What a happy accident! The only minus was the sound leaking from the adjacent stages, but that is the fault of the organizer. Let´s hope for a better and more intimate venue the next time you come to Finland.

sallym9's picture

Seattle show disappointing. Too much tenor sax over the vocals!! Was the sound guy stoned or was there some decision to go in the direction of Kenny G?

Jenny's picture

Hi loved your performance at green man compleatly transfixed the entire way through so glad you came back on for one final song it was beautiful. Great set coulden't have enjoyed it more ! :)

robinelwood's picture

I like the would be neat to see more frequent road pictures/setlists. Also, designating solo vs/band shows on the calendar...Sam's working with a neat bunch of musicians; I'd love to know who is in the band and more about them. Also, getting the site to work w/ IE9 would be a plus.... Thanks for everything, Robin in Bellingham, Wa

Antti Myyrä's picture

Thank you so much for your visit in Finland on Saturday! The show was amazing with the big orchestra and of course Sam. I'm hoping you'll come here again someday!

Rodney's picture

Please come back to L.A., I'd love to take my boyfriend to see you. I've seen you 5 times since 2005, but the last show was especially spiritual, took me to places I only dreamed of, and I'd love to share this with my new love! I'll be up in Portland the week you are there, but am leaving on Monday the 5th, so, again, I plead, please come back and visit us in L.A.

Arlaina LeBleu's picture

I have been waiting to see Sam in concert for forever and just found out that he was playing in austin in three days!!!! you always miss the things u love....crap.

ingridhelena's picture

i am a massive fan of iron and wine, samuel beams voice makes me want to melt. I AM SEEING YOU IN CONCERT WHEN YOU COME TO ODENSE DENMARK! i am sooooo incredibly excited i can't contain it. i've been hoping that you'd come to the country where i live for ages in concert. you are the person who inspired me to play guitar, and you are my inspiration to music.

debuskmatt's picture

So I'm a huge Iron and Wine fan, I love the words in his songs, the way he sings, his style of music, and the fact that he seems like such a cool guy. I saw him for the first time last night in Indianapolis at the Vogue Theater. I had been really excited about this show for the past two months and glad that he finally came to Indiana. I knew there was a chance that it would be him and a band, I have seen a lot of his live stuff online and knew for Bonnaroo and places like that he usually played with a full band. I like that I love the stuff he does with Clexico and even though sometimes he changes the melodies of songs I like more on the album I usually like the way he changes it up. Last night was not one of those nights, he played with a full band including horns. I don't know what it was but her hardly played the acoustic at all which I thought was kind of strange but not only that lots of times he wasn't even playing the electric guitar. I knew that with having a brand new album lost of the songs would be off the new one but even older stuff off of Women King sounded off. Their were a couple of songs that had strange jams that didn't really seem to go anywhere. Even one of my favs "House by the Sea" was kind of poorly done. So thats enough of that, like I said I love Sam Beam and he is one of the most talented people out there right now but what I love about him and Iron and Wine wasn't at this paticular show last night. Give me Sam his acoustic guitar his great voice and his sis any day of the week. I love seeing artists push themselves and change their direction but some times art is perfect just the way it is and I believe Iron and Wine is one of those things. So keep it up keep making great music and I will always be a huge Fan, thanks for coming to little Indiana see you next time.

Crotty's picture

Great concert tonight in Chicago. You drew a great crowd - deservedly so. Thank you.

Robin's picture

Love the site. Any plans to release some stripped down tunes on the site from Kiss Each Other Clean like you did with The Shepherd's Dog? Those raw versions of Flightless Bird and The Devil Never Sleeps Alone were just amazing!

Harmonious Bosch's picture

I see that the show here in Athens, Ga. is sold out. Their is no listing in the Flagpole Magazine for your show at the 40 Watt. Why not? I would like to meet you, and share my music-art-videos on YouTube with you. Please go to Harmonious Bosch on YouTube , and listen to my music.
Thanks, Greg Harmon

Brendy101's picture

I think that as you are playing Latitude festival you should also consider playing the Electric Picnic in Ireland which is of similar vibe - but better!

Saw you in Belfast last year and the show was unbelievable. Hope you enjoyed the Blue Moon!

landisg's picture

I suppose Played Last Night has been scuttled?

sinner and saint's picture

Confirmed tickets for June! Bringing my little ones. Live lullabies.