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What do you guys think of Sam's New Album?

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    What do you guys think of Sam's New Album?
    says (2011-02-03 11:46)

    I personally love it!

    Kiss Each Other Clean is about the big subjects: what we believe, why we believe it, and what becomes of us once we realize we might be wrong.


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on (Feb 03, 2011)

I personally love it!

Kiss Each Other Clean is about the big subjects: what we believe, why we believe it, and what becomes of us once we realize we might be wrong.


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"Kiss" is a radical change for Sam et al. I've even encountered former "fans" who have disparaged the new album. I, on the other hand, think its some of the finest musical work I've ever heard. "Walking Far From Home" actually brings tears to my eyes, it's so lovely. Those who would expect the same old thing or believe that expansive growth and change is somehow a negative attribute should open their ears as well as their eyes. I can't wait to go to the concert when Iron & Wine visit my hometown in November.

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I'm loving it more and more! I love the lyrics and arrangements. Sam inspires me as a singer/songwriter.

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I love everything he does. For me, it's the lyrics as much as the instruments and their arrangement, and his lyrics never disappoint. Walking Far From Home...I just wish it went on and on :) Me & Lazarus, Big Burned Hand, and Glad Man Singing have been doing it for me, too. If you're not grooving on the album versions, listen to the live stuff he's doing at shows (via youtube). He's mixing things up and really departing from the recordings. Personally, I want him to spread his wings whichever way he wants and look forward to seeing the results.

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The new music is a good example of artistic growth. He is taking the genius he always applies to the words and also applying it to the sounds.
Can you believe the sounds? Wow!
I've felt this CD coming since "Evening on the Ground." Now that it's here... What a ride.

For those having a hard time with the new cd, think of ALL the music as a story, each cd as a chapter. What this new cd is getting into is some rising action. Our minds are going, now it's time to get the pulse going.

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Not my favorite, but still Iron & Wine.

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I have all of his CDs and I went to see him in 2008 in Chicago. That's just the background of how much I enjoy his music. I can't explain how excited I was when I heard he had a new album coming out, and the depression when I actually heard it. I've listen to a few of new songs on youtube and I wonder what made him think he needed all these new instruments. The simple guitar with poetic lyrics is the Iron and Wine I've come to love. Maybe I haven't given it a good enough chance, but right now I don't see myself ever getting it. I remember when "Our Endless Numbered Days" came out...that's him at his best, and he will be missed in my book.

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The new album is a breath of fresh, inventive, engaging. Each listen reveals new things. And the live versions that I've heard stretch the songs out even further. I downloaded a very nice copy of the 2011-02-07 Hamburg show, and I listen to the entire show almost daily. The reworkings of the older tunes is wonderful Can't wait to see Sam and the group on April 29 in Cleveland. Does anyone know if they've played 'Your Fake Name..' live yet? I'd love to hear that, or a live full-band version of 'Walking Far From Home'. A nice 'Trapeze Swinger' encore at the Cleveland show would be cool too. ;o)

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@MONKEYS you guys are so lucky to see Iron & Wine. Is it really your first time seeing them?

@MR MOJO RISIN The album is awesome! I was listening to it and yea I said that it's less organic but his music has like a retaining sense of vibrancy, creativity and energy that is kind of like his older music and what makes this album great is Beam's undoubtedly lyrics!...OMG really when did you caught them?

@EHSTEVE Yes what I like about all his songs is that he mentions GOD and LOVE! And yea those songs are great idk I like all his songs but my favorite one has to be "Tree By The River." Haha yup it's always better when you hear the songs live

@CHARLEE WALKS Haha that's so true some bands are boring because of the same rythm and Im glad that Sam is trying new stuff which makes his album great and different from other bands. Yup I can't wait either and im hoping they can tour in California!

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Got to say I love the new album...what I like about Iron and Wine is that every time I get a new album there is something new and refreshing on it which makes me feel like I‘m paying for something worthwhile. Each album has a new musical twist and adds a bit of variety to the collection...getting album after album with the same sounds all the time (like some bands I could mention) is just plain boring. Good for Sam and the group trying something new. I saw them playing last week in Cologne (Köln), Germany and the changes they made to some of the old stuff, which I love, were great to hear. Can‘t wait for the next album and tour dates.

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I agree with you, Yadalith. Sam said once that he only writes about God, Death, and Love. This album definitely has more 'God' in it than his earlier albums. Some of his interesting use/re-appropriation of biblical characters probably loan into what I think are some of the best stories Sam has told yet.

I have to say I was surprised a bit by the new sound. About a third of the album is really incredible! "Walking Far From Home," "Me & Lazarus," "Tree By The River," and "Your Fake Name is Good Enough" are my new jam. Sam's vocal range is impressive, he never use to belt it on his albums.

That said, I don't think Sam's newest sound is perfect yet. Saw him live at Tallahassee and the energy the new songs played live were MUCH more impressive then what's on the album. I wish Played Last Night was still around!

Also, I don't think all of the instrumentals always "mesh" on Kiss Each Other Clean. Does anyone else find the piano in "Godless Brother," for example, is incredibly cheesy?

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I really love the new album. I like that Sam is taking some chances. I'm sure it's not for everybody, but I like the groove it has. Hey, people freaked when Dylan plugged in. I think he did OK. I caught Sam & the band in Miami & really enjoyed the show.

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Been listing to it all day at work on headphones, downloaded the deluxe version from Itunes this morning. This makes the spreadsheets easier to deal with (maybe NOT a tagline for the new CD).

The new arrangements and production quality of the music are unreal. Sam and others must have spent some serious time recording this one. Not easy to get all of these sounds to come across so clean. His home studio probably got a serious work out.

I understand the comments about his low-fi stuff. Like others, I have been listing to him since his demos were released online. (Sorry about that Mr. Beam, I am sure it is like someone uploading a draft of something that you wrote for all to see and probably not how you wanted to get the word out).

Apology aside, those are great songs. I agree that there was an immediate intimacy of those recordings based on the simple (to me) recording of the tracks and simple (to me) arrangements of that material. I add the two CDs that followed into that more intimate group as well.

I like that he keeps trying new things and appreciate the progression. Overall, my opinion, he just keeps getting better. Again, my feelings and I respect those of others.

My wife and I are going to see I&W live for the first time at the Carnegie Library Music Hall in April. It will be great to see him in Pittsburgh. I am sure we'll hear old stuff and new and the night will have intimate moments and others were the community around us is jumping (or maybe nodding) in unison. Can't wait.

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I heard that he wants to change his music by adding new instruments and genres maybe that's why its less organic, and I agree with you that its less organic!

The two songs that I like is "Glad Man Singing" and "Half Moon" they're the closest to the album Our Endless Number Days listen to them.

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I am still "getting used to it." It wasn't at all what I was expecting, sounds less organic and more produced. I guess it i better that way, but I have to listen to it some more.