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Yeahhhhh....your beard is on fire...!

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    Yeahhhhh....your beard is on fire...!
    says (2010-12-17 03:45)

    First song I loved by I&W - 'Morning'.


    What song first got y'all into the beam machine????

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on (Dec 17, 2010)

First song I loved by I&W - 'Morning'.


What song first got y'all into the beam machine????

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Wow...'Fake Name...' is something else! Sam has become all things to everyone...

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Love the painting SHMEEZULZ......fiercely serene?!

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Lion's mane was what go me into him. I found it on pandora. I made a painting for it too
haha. Here's a link to the painting based off the song if you'd like

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Upwards over the mountain,and the song gets better and better each time it gets played,love playing along to it.......

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evening on the ground. "we were born to fuck each other, one way or another"

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I heard a more upbeat version of Dearest Forsaken about a year ago and fell in love. Now I love them all and still can't find that version I first fell in love with.

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A fren of mine suggested to watch the video of Boy with a coin... uummmm...loved d song n d video too...

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For me it was Passing Afternoon and Each Coming Night. Speaking of Passing Afternoon, there's a cool fansite called exactly that,, that has some interesting discussions going on.

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Flightless Bird, American Mouth :) Most soulful!

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Wot no beard, surely its compulsory to have a beard, females included, to be an I + W fan?!! Upward over the mountain but, Sodom South Georgia is my fave song.

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Hey Cristina...I know you too!! I can't think of many better ways to spend 2009...

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hey...i know you. :)

it was three songs: Sea and the Rhythm, and The Trapeze Swinger and Upward Over The Mountain from the 2007 messiah show. listened to those back to back early in 2009 and was wrecked for days. to this day, they remain my favorites (inasmuch as i can ever pick a favorite).

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I fell asleep watching the movie "In good company", and just as it was ending I was woken up by the most gorgeous song "The Trapeze Swinger". I've been an Iron & Wine junkie since.

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Same here, hadn't heard Postal Service version, so assumed at first it was Sam's. Both amazing songs though....

Anyone else...?

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In 2004, I accidentally found his cover of Such Great Heights. I fell in love with it. (I hadn't heard the Postal Service version yet.) After that, I found a copy of Each Coming Night. Those were the first two songs that got me into Iron & Wine.