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Ghost on Ghost


  • Ghost on Ghost

    • 1. Caught in the Briars

    • 2. The Desert Babbler

    • 3. Joy

    • 4. Low Light Buddy of Mine

    • 5. Grace for Saints and Ramblers

    • 6. Grass Widows

    • 7. Singers and the Endless Song

    • 8. Sundown (Back in the Briars)

    • 9. Winter Prayers

    • 10. New Mexico's No Breeze

    • 11. Lovers' Revolution

    • 12. Baby Center Stage

    Release Date: 2013
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Release date: 
(Apr 16, 2013)
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Laurieallen's picture

I was watching twilight and reading all the online interpretations of your song, only you know, here is mine;
I was a quick wet boy, diving too deep for coins
(I was young and naïve, focusing on getting rich)
All of your street light eyes wide on my plastic toys
(your infatuation with my persona, not me)
Then when the cops closed the fair, I cut my long baby hair
(When I realized it wasn't real, I faced my humanity),
Stole me a dog-eared map and called for you everywhere
(I Remembered our history and memorable feelings, And desperately tried to find you)
Have I found you (Are you really mine now?)
Flightless bird (gentle soul), jealous (hurt because of my indifference), weeping (crying from relief of my awakening) or lost you ( are you still interested?),
american mouth (because of my uncivil behavior)
Big pill looming (scared to live without you)
Now I’m a fat house cat (indifferent)
Nursing my sore blunt tongue (trying to cure a broken heart)
Watching the warm poison rats curl through the wide fence cracks
(Untrusting rich, fake idol ness)
Pissing on magazine photos (hating the tabloids and fake ness)
Those fishing lures thrown in the cold (too little to late)
And clean blood of Christ mountain stream (Yet i still see hope)
Have I found (can I try to win you?)
Flightless bird (gentle one), grounded (real),
bleeding (and deeply hurt) or lost you, american mouth (due to my stupidity and fame)
Big pill stuck going down (I will never forgive myself ).

Laurieallen's picture

Happy for you to be back home, from such great heights...

Laurieallen's picture


Kelly's picture

I'm enjoying the new album, but wishing you would bring your music live to Arizona soon :)

Jeter Rhodes's picture

Happy Day! Here's wishing all of the best in the new year, and those yet to come!

SergioDurá's picture

I love this new album, great!

DannyJay's picture

This is such a great album. Easily one of my favorites.